Wishing Flower

Coming October 27th on Sunnyside Records!

New music evolving from Udden's acclaimed Torchsongs project, dubbed “a small wonder, full of color and daring,” (Jim Macnie, Village Voice) and revealing “a subtly personal lyricism…from the linear grace of Keith Jarrett-like songs, through equally melodic jazz/rock to some very focused free playing. Somehow, despite his gentle approach, his sheer musical presence imposes a kind of unity on what emerges…Udden lays down a marker as a player who deserves to be much better known.” (Ray Comiskey, The Irish Times)

Featuring Jeremy Udden (saxophone/lyricon), Ben Monder (guitar), Jorge Roeder (bass), Ziv Ravitz (drums)

  1. 1
    1971 5:30
  2. 2
    Hymn 7:30
  3. 3
    Lit 5:02
  4. 4
  5. 5

Udden on Wishing Flower:

"Looking at my creative output so far, I see my compositions tending towards autobiography rather than about something specifically musical.
This album title refers to walking my daughter home from school in Brooklyn, and her joy in finding “Wishing Flowers” or dandelions in the cracks or empty lots - she just naturally finds beauty in the grime of the city.
The music is sort of divided into meditations and energetic rockers - maybe reflective of parenting, or perhaps of living my adult life in Brooklyn after growing up in ruralism.
I have made music with Ben, Jorge, and Ziv for 15-20 years.  A new sonic addition is my use of the Lyricon - an analog wind synthesizer invented in Massachusetts in the late 1970s.  I’ve played it for a long time, but never used it prominently on a record.  Some of these compositions seemed to ask for a different voice articulating melody." - Jeremy Udden

Short Bio:

Jeremy Udden is a Brooklyn-based, Plainville, Massachusetts-bred, "gifted saxophonist-composer with a gorgeous tone" (JAZZTIMES).  The band-leader and Lyricon enthusiast has released six critically-acclaimed albums for Sunnyside Records (NY) and Fresh Sound New Talent (Barcelona), and he has collaborated on many others.  Udden has performed with Bob Brookmeyer, Steve Lacy, Ben Monder, Frank Carlberg, Matt Wilson, John McNeil, Gunther Schuller, Lee Konitz, Either/Orchestra, Ehio-Jazz legend Mulatu Astatke among many others on stages around the US, Europe, Ethiopia and China.  PLAINVILLE and HUSH POINT are two of his main projects, though he continues to write and record new music, collaborate on new ensembles, and dream up bands and records every day.  

     "More often than not, Udden’s music opts for a more gentle, almost pastoral quality–although it retains a muscle and grit to balance the lyric softness.  The more difficult Udden’s music becomes to classify, the better it seems to get.” (Peter Margasak, DOWNBEAT)