“…a richly engrossing project that finds new ground between jazz, instrumental rock and folk…

Udden’s crew is just as comfortable carving out room in indie rock’s territory, but jazz fans should be equally taken with this caliber of invention.”
– Chris Barton, LA TIMES

“This is carefully arranged music with an unruly streak — edgy, melancholy, but also at peace with itself…

Is it jazz? Well, it’s not not jazz.”

With two critically-acclaimed albums on Sunnyside and Fresh Sound New Talent and a third EP coming soon, Plainville has firmly established itself as a singular voice in the New York jazz-americana movement.  The band has played at festivals and clubs around the US, Europe, and as far as China.  It's collective pool of musicians includes Pete Rende (pump organ, rhodes), Eivind Opsvik (bass), Kenny Wollesen and RJ Miller (drums) along with a bevy of banjo and guitaristic talent , including: Brandon Seabrook, Will Graefe, Tony Scherr, Pete McAnn, Noam Pickelny, Brad Shepik, Nate Radley, and Tim Miller.
"Melodic, ruminative, nostalgic and fresh at the same time."

"Jazz for Wilco fans-a rural vibe that has a dash of a New England starkness to it, even when the aggression takes over."

"Udden is carving out new territory with this project, which folds folk, country, and rock into the jazz tradition.”

"A pluralistic stylistic orientation (rock, free, folk build upon the underlying jazz) Udden has created a resolutely new music where eclecticism and personal experience play an important role."

“Udden’s seamless integration of simple country, folk and rock melodies into a sophisticated jazz context lends Plainville’s improvisational excursions a cohesive sensibility, whether crafting pastoral ballads or tumultuous rockers.”