Folk Art 
(Fresh Sound New Talent)

JU (alto/soprano saxophone)
Brandon Seabrook (banjo)
Jeremy Stratton (acoustic bass)
Kenny Wollesen (drums)

If the Past Seems So Bright 
(Sunnyside Records)
JU (alto saxophone)
Brandon Seabrook (banjo/electric guitar)
Pete Rende (fender rhodes/pump organ/prophet 5)
Eivind Opsvik (bass)
RJ Miller (drums)
Nathan Blehar (voice/nylon string acoustic guitar)
Will Graefe (steel string guitar)

(Fresh Sound New Talent)
JU (alto/soprano saxophone)
Brandon Seabrook (banjo)
Pete Rende (rhodes/prophet 5)
Eivind Opsvik (bass)
RJ Miller (drums)
with Mike Baggetta (electric guitar)
Nathan Blehar (acoustic guitar)


(Fresh Sound New Talent)
Ben Monder (guitar)
John Lockwood (bass)
Matt Wilson (drums)
Bob Brookmeyer (special guest, valve trombone track 3, 11)
Leo Genovese (rhodes)
Tim Miller (guitar)
Nathan Blehar (tenor)
Garth Stevenson (bass)
Ziv Ravitz (drums)


Hush Point: III

(Sunnyside Records)
John McNeil (trumpet), Jeremy Udden (alto saxophone), Aryeh Kobrinsky (bass), Anthony Pinciotti (drums)

Belleville Project (Sunnyside Records)
JU - co-leader/saxophone/pump organ/prophet, Nicolas Moreaux - co-leader/acoustic/electric bass/toy piano, Robert Stillman - tenor saxophone, Pierre Perchaud - banjo/guitar, RJ Miller - drums

New Old Timers
JU - alto/C-melody saxophone, Petr Cancura - tenor saxophone, Aryeh Kobrinsky - bass, Richie Barshay - drums

Udden/Moreaux: Rose Rocks EP

JU - saxophone, synthesizers, Nicolas Moreaux - acoustic/electric bass, synthesizers

Hush Point: Blues and Reds (Sunnyside Records)
John McNeil (trumpet), Jeremy Udden (alto saxophone), Aryeh Kobrinsky (bass), Anthony Pinciotti (drums)
Sketches: Volume Two (Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records)
a collective based around a simple compositional idea: one member starts a musical “sketch” or idea, then another member fleshes out the idea and turns it into a piece.  It’s been a fun new challenge for me – Volume II coming soon!  with Matt Holman (trumpet), Martin Nevin (bass), Jarrett Cherner (piano), Ziv Ravitz (drums)
Hush Point (Sunnyside Records)
John McNeil (trumpet), Jeremy Udden (alto saxophone), Aryeh Kobrinsky (bass), Vincent Sperrazza (drums)
Sketches: Volume One
Matt Holman (trumpet), Martin Nevin (bass), Jarrett Cherner (piano), Ziv Ravitz (drums)


Frank Carlberg: Big Enigmas (Red Piano Records)
Frank (piano, compositions), Christine Correa (voice), Matt Moran (vibes), John Carlson (trumpet), John Hebert (bass), Mike Sarin (drums). What an honor to be part of this record.  I have admired Frank’s music for years, as well as everyone else in this band!
Either/Orchestra, Ethiopiques 20: Live in Addis (Buda Musique, 2005) 
As the title suggests, this was live in Ethiopia – what a life-changing experience.  I am so proud to have been part of this trip and this record.

Robert Stillman: Station Wagon Interior Perspective (A Requiem for John Fahey)

Jeremy Udden (c-melody saxophone), Kenny Warren (trumpet), Dave Noyes (trombone), Ben Stapp (tuba), and Robert Stillman on Fender Rhodes and drums.

Amy Cervini: Digging Me Digging You (Anzic Records)
Amy Cervini – vocals, Bruce Barth – piano, Jesse Lewis – guitar, Matt Aronoff – bass, James Shipp – perc. and vibes, Matt Wilson – drums, Anat Cohen – clarinet, JU – alto sax, Avishai Cohen – trumpet, Josh Sinton – bari sax, Jennifer Wharton – bass trombone
Deric Dickens: Speed Date
Matt Wilson, Kirk Knuffke, Ben Cohen, Jeff Lederer, Jon Crowley
Joao Lencastre’s Communion: B-Sides (Fresh Sound New Talent)
David Binney (as) Phil Grenedier (tp) Thomas Morgan (bs), Leo Genovese (rhds), JL (dr)
Nicholas Urie Large Ensemble: Excerpts From An Online Dating Service (Red Piano Records)
Chris Speed, Bill McHenry, Frank Carlberg, Joe Martin, Christine Correa
Mahmoud Ahmed & Either/Orchestra: Ethiogroove  (DVD) Buda Musique 2007
The E/O was sort of my post-grad work – my first tours overseas and long mid-west trips, able to stretch out in front of big audiences.  I owe Russ a lot and I learned from him about how to run a band.  It’s also nice to be among such an amazing list of alto players who held that chair before me, including Doug Yates, Andrew D’Angelo, Miguel Zenon, and Jaleel Shaw.
Prana Trio: Pranam (Circavision Productions)
Sunny Kim (voice), Stomu Takishi (bass), Brian Adler (drums)
Frank Carlberk (piano)
Monika Heidemann: Bright
Matt Moran (vibes), Massimo Biolcati (bass), Khabu Doug Young (guitar); Take Toriyama (drums)
Peter Kenegy: Little Machines (Fresh Sound New Talent, 2005)
Peter is a good close friend and a monster trumpet player and composer living in Boston.  
This was my first Fresh-Sound record!
Either/Orchestra: Neo-Modernism (Accurate Records, 2003)
Either/Orchestra: Afro-Cubism (Accurate Records, 2002)
My debut with the E/O!
Jazz Composer’s Alliance Orchestra: Celebration of the Spirit (CIMP, 2004)