Three in Paris 

(Sunnyside Records)

w/ Nicolas Moreaux (bass)

John Betsch (drums)




Belleville Project

(Sunnyside Records)

w/ Nicolas Moreaux (bass/co-leader), Robert Stillman (tenor), Pierre Perchaud (guitar/banjo), RJ Miller (drums), Pete Rende (pump organ, synths)



Folk Art

(Fresh Sound New Talent)

w/ Brandon Seabrook (banjo)

Jeremy Stratton (bass)

Kenny Wollesen (drums)




Plainville:  If The Past Seems So Bright

(Sunnyside Records)

w/ Brandon Seabrook (banjo/guitar), Pete Rende (rhodes/pump organ), Eivind Opsvik (bass), RJ Miller (drums), Will Graefe (acoustic guitar), Nathan Blehar (acoustic guitar)




(Fresh Sound New Talent)

w/ Brandon Seabrook (banjo), Pete Rende (rhodes/pump organ), Eivind Opsvik (bass), RJ Miller (drums), Nathan Blehar (nylon string guitar), Mike Baggetta (guitar)



(Fresh Sound New Talent)

w/ Ben Monder (guitar), John Lockwood (bass), Matt Wilson (drums)

and/ Nathan Blehar (tenor), Leo Genovese (rhodes), Tim Miller (guitar), Garth Stevenson (bass), Ziv Ravitz (drums)

Special Guest: Bob Brookmeyer (valve-trombone)

“Small Man - Big Sound!”
- THE MONITOR, Kampala, Uganda

The saxophonist (alto/soprano/C-melody/baritone), composer, band-leader and Lyricon enthusiast has recorded eight critically-acclaimed albums for Sunnyside Records (NY) and Fresh Sound New Talent (Barcelona).  Udden has performed with Bob Brookmeyer, Steve Lacy, Ben Monder, Frank Carlberg, Matt Wilson, John McNeil, Gunther Schuller, Lee Konitz, Either/Orchestra, Ehio-Jazz legend Mulatu Astatke and countless others on stages around the US, Europe, Ethiopia and China.

"...this gifted saxophonist-composer with a gorgeous tone follows through with quiet, understated conviction..."


Slideshow Photo Credits:  1) Plainville - Karsten Moran for New York Times 2) Head Shot - Zach Kobrinsky 3) Hush Point - Alex Hollock 4) Either/Orchestra/Mulatu Astatke - Phil Stiles 5) Ben Monder, Ziv Ravitz - Scott Friedlander