Coltrane, jazz education, and attempting to be cool

This was originally a late-night facebook rant.  Not my most articulate moment but I still agree with the sentiment!

"I recently woke up and starting listening to John Coltrane for the first time in years. I've never thought of myself as a "Coltrane" guy - probably because I'm definitely a Lee Konitz, Sonny Rollins guy, so traditionally your not supposed to be both. (what a ridiculous thought!) but i realized that i've listened to a ton of Coltrane in my life, and I love him!  Sometimes jazz education gets in the way of my enjoyment, which is a shame, because i am an educator as well as a player. Jazz education never shuts up about Coltrane. but you know why? because John Coltrane rules! 

I think that subversive/punk rock part of me was drawn to jazz at first - only me and a few kids were into it in high school (also why I got into skateboarding I guess) and I kind of dug that.  And now that i’m a full fledged jazz musician that same part of me wants to ignore the collective jazz consciousness at times or something.  What’s my problem? just listen to “a love supreme” - there’s a reason no one shuts up about it! it’s an amazing record! 

....and “kind of blue” totally rules, too!! 

udden out."