Three in Paris 

(Sunnyside Records)

w/ Nicolas Moreaux (bass)

John Betsch (drums)




Belleville Project

(Sunnyside Records)

w/ Nicolas Moreaux (bass/co-leader), Robert Stillman (tenor), Pierre Perchaud (guitar/banjo), RJ Miller (drums), Pete Rende (pump organ, synths)



Folk Art

(Fresh Sound New Talent)

w/ Brandon Seabrook (banjo)

Jeremy Stratton (bass)

Kenny Wollesen (drums)




Plainville:  If The Past Seems So Bright

(Sunnyside Records)

w/ Brandon Seabrook (banjo/guitar), Pete Rende (rhodes/pump organ), Eivind Opsvik (bass), RJ Miller (drums), Will Graefe (acoustic guitar), Nathan Blehar (acoustic guitar)




(Fresh Sound New Talent)

w/ Brandon Seabrook (banjo), Pete Rende (rhodes/pump organ), Eivind Opsvik (bass), RJ Miller (drums), Nathan Blehar (nylon string guitar), Mike Baggetta (guitar)



(Fresh Sound New Talent)

w/ Ben Monder (guitar), John Lockwood (bass), Matt Wilson (drums)

and/ Nathan Blehar (tenor), Leo Genovese (rhodes), Tim Miller (guitar), Garth Stevenson (bass), Ziv Ravitz (drums)

Special Guest: Bob Brookmeyer (valve-trombone)

“Small Man - Big Sound!”
- THE MONITOR, Kampala, Uganda

Welcome!  I am a saxophonist (alto/soprano/C-melody/baritone), composer, band-leader and Lyricon enthusiast.  As a leader I have recorded six critically-acclaimed albums for Sunnyside Records (NY) and Fresh Sound New Talent (Barcelona), and I have collaborated on many other releases.  I have been fortunate enough to play with Bob Brookmeyer, Steve Lacy, Ben Monder, Frank Carlberg, Matt Wilson, John McNeil, Gunther Schuller, Lee Konitz, Either/Orchestra, Ehio-Jazz legend Mulatu Astatke among many others on stages around the US, Europe, Ethiopia and China.  PLAINVILLE and HUSH POINT are two of my main projects, though I continue to write new music, collaborate on new projects, and dream up bands and records every day.  I hope you find some connection with my music.  

"...this gifted saxophonist-composer with a gorgeous tone follows through with quiet, understated conviction..."


Slideshow Photo Credits:  1) Plainville - Karsten Moran for New York Times 2) Head Shot - Zach Kobrinsky 3) Hush Point - Alex Hollock 4) Either/Orchestra/Mulatu Astatke - Phil Stiles 5) Ben Monder, Ziv Ravitz - Scott Friedlander